Posted on April 18, 2019

Lab Renovations Completed

This week, Covington County Hospital’s Laboratory Services Department moved into a newly renovated lab space. At one time, this space was used for surgery and labor and delivery, but has gone mostly unused since the year 2000.

The new lab is an open floor plan with instruments strategically placed in order to monitor alerts and test completion in all testing areas. The new lab will make it easier for the lab staff to handle the workload because of the ease of monitoring everything from a central location. The cutting edge functionality the space has provided for our lab staff is an exciting new development for Covington County Hospital.

“The positive message it sends to our community is that we at CCH want to have the best possible place to provide healthcare for our people,” said Lab Director Debbie Bishop. “I love my job and the great group of people that I get to work with here at Covington County Hospital.”

The lab renovation was part of the first phase of Covington County Hospital’s Facility Master Plan. Upon the lab renovation’s completion, remodeling began on the old lab and the main hallway restrooms.