Posted on March 19, 2020

COVID-19: A Message from Dr. Word Johnston

From Dr. Word Johnston at Green Tree Family Medical Clinic in Mount Olive, Mississippi


To residents of Mount Olive and surrounding communities


All the staff at Green Tree are here to serve you. We are following recommendations from the CDC and Mississippi Department of Health in dealing with the current Coronavirus pandemic. Our goal to provide quality care in a timely manner while keeping you and our staff safe from this virus.


We will remain open Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.


If you have respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and/or headache, please call ahead and alert our staff. We have arranged a specific area of the clinic especially for these patients. We may ask you to come to the clinic and call on your cell phone when you have arrived so that one of the staff can come to you car without you having to actually come inside the clinic. We also have the option of a return phone call from one of our providers that may keep you from actually having to come to the clinic.

Please talk with our office staff to find out which option would be best for you.

All other patients who are in need of medical services but do not have any respiratory symptoms, please call ahead to find out safest route to get medical care.


Everyone should practice good hand washing. Avoid large crowds and keep you distance.

If you do NOT have any symptoms, a surgical mask will NOT help you avoid infection.

Testing for the Coronavirus (From the Department of Health)

Transport medium for the virus is in short supply. Testing must be prioritized and limited to the following:

Patients with fever (greater than 100.3) and cough, difficulty breathing:

1. Who are hospitalized or

2. Symptomatic individuals at high risk such as anyone 65 and older with underlying health problems such as COPD, heart disease, diabetes, etc or

3. Healthcare workers who may have been exposed.

Anyone over the age of 65 or anyone who has chronic health conditions should consider staying at home for the foreseeable future. No unnecessary trips.

A good website for UpToDate information is the Mississippi Department of Health at

Our number is 601-797-3405.