Posted on August 7, 2020

Simpson General Partners with CCH

The board of trustees of Simpson General Hospital and Covington County Hospital have entered into an administrative services agreement.

Under the agreement recently approved by the two hospital boards, Simpson General’s hospital administrative leadership will be provided by Covington County Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer. The agreement took effect July 6.

“We celebrate the differences in the hospitals bound by this administration agreement,” said David Massey, SGH Board President. “We look forward to the cooperation – functioning independently, yet effectively, to bring the very best quality health care to Simpson County and its surrounding areas.”

Contrary to speculation this is not a take over of the Simpson General Hospital. However, it is two hospitals entering into a collaborative agreement to share and benefit from best practices.

“This is a great opportunity for two vital rural hospitals to support each other,” said Robert Johnson, CCH Board President. “Covington County Hospital has made great strides under our current administration and I know Simpson General will thrive under the same leadership.”

Gregg Gibbes, CEO of Covington County Hospital, said the move is an additional step to establish additional collaborative linkages among rural hospitals in order to achieve long-term sustainability while maintaining independence. Covington County Hospital entered a similar agreement with Magee General Hospital in April of 2019.

“Simpson General Hospital is a cornerstone in Mendenhall and Simpson County,” said Gibbes.  “For each of our rural community hospitals to survive, we must consider better care coordination and shared service offerings.”

Future cooperative ventures might include the sharing of specialty physician services, electronic health record implementation, support services, care coordination and population health management.

Simpson General Hospital is a 35-bed critical access facility that has operated in Mendenhall for over 63 years.

Covington County Hospital is a 35-bed critical access hospital that opened its doors in 1951.