Posted on August 24, 2021

CCH Opens Covid-19 Treatment Clinic

On Tuesday, August 17, Covington County Hospital opened a new Covid-19 Treatment Center, in partnership with the city of Collins, located in the old armory building.

The center will provide monoclonal antibody treatment to Covid-19 positive patients. Monoclonal antibodies work by binding to a specific target – such as the Covid-19 virus – to make them harmless.

CCH has been providing monoclonal antibody infusions in its Emergency Room, but in the past several weeks, the number of patients needing treatment has skyrocketed.

“We had a desire to serve more people needing the monoclonal antibody treatment and we could not do that in our ER space,” said Lynn Scott, CCH Chief Patient Care Officer. “Providing the monoclonal antibody to our community assists the patient with healing, and it reduces the number of patients requiring hospitalizations.”

The monoclonal antibody treatment will be administered in four subcutaneous injections. It is the same medication previously given by infusion. However, the subcutaneous injections require less time to administer than an IV infusion. This expedites the entire process, thus allowing the clinic to serve more people.

The city helped coordinate the use of the old armory building, recently renamed the Bobby A. Mooney Complex, located at 1613 South Fir Avenue in Collins.

“The city of Collins is committed to our residents here in Collins and Covington County as a whole,” said Mayor Hope Jones. “The Board of Aldermen and myself as the mayor would like to do all we can to support our medical community in their efforts to keep our community safe and healthy.”

The treatment center will begin by seeing 60 patients per day. This number will increase as time and staff allow. Treatment will be given by appointment only to Covid positive patients who have a doctors order or meet certain qualifications set by the state. To schedule an appointment call 601-698-0316.