Posted on April 5, 2021

Specialty Clinic Coordinator – PRN

Works with a diverse group of providers including, but not limited to:  cardiologists, wound care, orthopedics in addition to nuclear medicine technicians and other staff both from outside facilities and Covington County Hospital.  Answers phones, takes referrals, contracts clinic physicians, makes appointments, calls patients.  Coordinates with Clinic Staff to assure tests are delivered accurately, promptly, and that results are received and shuttled out correctly.   Completes pre-certification and informs patient of meeting date and time as well as assisting with completion of patient packets as required.  Other duties as assigned.  Excellent written and oral communication skills required.  Working knowledge of computes required.  Experience preferred.

Additional Information
Position Type: PRN (As Needed)
Shift: Other

Contact Information
Careers at Covington County Hospital
Fax: 601-698-0191