Rural Hospitals Announce Plans to Open Smith County Emergency Hospital

Smith County Emergency Hospital

Covington County Hospital (CCH) and South Central Regional Medical Center (SCRMC) have announced a partnership to reopen a hospital in Raleigh that will serve residents of Smith County and the surrounding areas. 

Located at 347 Magnolia Drive in Raleigh, the facility previously operated as Patients’ Choice Medical Center and will reopen as Smith County Emergency Hospital. Patients will receive 24/7 emergency room services, observation care, and outpatient services such as computed tomography (CT), digital radiology, and laboratory. 

The U.S. Census Bureau data shows there are approximately 14,000 residents who live in Smith County. Depending on where they live, the closest option they have to emergency services may be more than half an hour away. 

“When minutes may be the difference in saving someone, this new Rural Emergency Hospital will be a lifesaver for Raleigh, Smith County, and surrounding communities,” said Gregg Gibbes, CEO of CCH and SCRMC. “This partnership will not only play a critical role in delivering healthcare but will also create new high-paying jobs in the community.” 

Facility renovations will include a new emergency department, new radiology and imaging suite, new laboratory, and new admissions area. The project is in the planning stages, and physical renovations are expected to occur in 2024, with a projected opening in the fall. 

This continues an already successful partnership whereby South Central Regional Medical Center, Covington County Hospital, Magee General Hospital, and Simpson General Hospital use a shared services model through an administrative services agreement. Now, the consortium is adding another hospital to the mix, which will serve a significant need in the Smith County area and strengthen the existing affiliations. 

Gibbes stated, “The best part of the story is that neighboring rural hospitals are providing the solution; not someone from out of town or out of state, who’s out of touch. Our independent rural hospitals are partnering together to create a solution for a neighboring community that has a need.” 

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