Covington Place Therapy & Counseling

Contact for Consultation 601-698-0263

  • Individual & Family Counseling
  • Ages 6+ Accepted
  • Integrated Treatment Program
  • Our Approach

    Covington Place Therapy and Counseling, located in the heart of Collins, Mississippi, offers individuals dealing with mental health and substance use issues the opportunity to find hope and support. Our integrated treatment program is designed to help individuals 6 years of age and up overcome obstacles and lead fulfilling lives.

    Our caring team of mental health professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care that empowers individuals to navigate life’s challenges.

    Through an initial screening and clinical assessment, the staff at Covington Place will help identify the best path forward for each individual, inspiring them to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and healing.

    Benefits of seeking therapy:

    • Increased clarity in various areas of your life
    • Personal growth
    • Learning new techniques to aid in challenging negative thoughts
    • Support while working through traumatic experiences and complex emotions
    • Developing a solid foundation to cope with difficult situations

    Referral Process:

    Our office accepts self-referrals and referrals from healthcare providers.

    • Anyone can call and request an appointment. Start your journey to a better life today by calling 601-698-0263.

    Provider referrals:
    • Referrals are accepted from primary care physicians, emergency departments, inpatient facilities, etc.
    • Please call 601-698-0263 to make a referral or fax to 601-698-0264.


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