Residential Living & Skilled Nursing

Contact: 601-698-0400
Hours: Always Open, 24-Hour Staff

Address 902 Gerald McRaney Street, Collins, Mississippi

  • 60-Bed Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Complete Access to Adjoining Hospital
  • Skilled Short & Long-Term Care
  • Our Approach

    Consider Arrington Living Center, a 60-bed skilled nursing facility in Collins, MS, connected to Covington County Hospital. Skilled professionals guide personalized therapy for recovery or ongoing medical support. We offer short-term rehab and long-term care, focusing on emotional and physical well-being. Our staff aims for residents’ maximum rehabilitation potential, creating a supportive environment with engaging activities. Certified for Medicare and Medicaid, we provide services like semi-private rooms and skilled nursing care. With 24-hour nursing care, we ensure a personalized treatment plan for a satisfying quality of life.

    Call 601-698-0400 for an appointment to view Arrington Living Center.

    Services & Staff

    Arrington Living Center provides a range of medical services, including skilled nursing, occupational therapy, medication management, speech therapy, person-centered care, and physical therapy. Our dedicated staff of 80 medical and nursing professionals is led by Administrator Christie Walters. The team includes the Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, Infection Preventionist/Treatment Nurse, Quality Assurance/Medical Records Nurse, MDS Medicare Nurse, MDS Nurse, Nurse Supervisor, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nurse Aides, Social Worker, Activities Director, Business Office Personnel, and Screening Clerk. This comprehensive team ensures personalized and high-quality care for our residents.

    Arrington Living Center is committed to providing comprehensive and specialized rehabilitation services to meet the diverse needs of our residents. Our offerings include Neuro/Stroke Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, and specialized care for individuals with dementia, delivered by certified therapists. We address specific conditions such as incontinence through therapy and training, offer targeted interventions for Parkinson’s and Dysphagia/Swallowing issues, and provide essential Fall Prevention and Safety Training. Our therapists are trained in Energy Conservation, offering support for individuals with COPD/CHF. We also provide Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, and Balance Training, ensuring a holistic approach to rehabilitation and enhancing the overall well-being of our residents.

    Amenities, Features & Activities

    Arrington Living Center offers a wide range of amenities to enhance residents’ comfort and well-being. These include various living areas, a dining room with room service availability, an activity area, movies for residents, a salon and barber shop, bathrooms equipped with safety rails, a physical therapy room, resident laundry services, a courtyard and porch, cable, and high-speed internet with Wi-Fi. Room features encompass adjustable beds, a comfortable sitting chair, cable, internet with Wi-Fi, abundant natural lighting, daily cleaning and sanitation, wheelchair and walker accessibility, handrails in bathrooms, and residential telephone.

    Engaging activities form an integral part of the resident experience at Arrington Living Center. Residents can benefit from assistance with activities of daily living, educational programs, family outreach and counseling, resident counseling, and a variety of social activities. The facility is designed to provide a supportive and enriching environment for residents to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

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