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Covington County Hospital History

Covington County Hospital opened on July 1, 1951, as a 25-bed hospital with the goal of providing the best possible medical care at an affordable cost for the people of Covington County. 

The Hospital Construction and Survey Act, also known as the Hill-Burton Act, was federal legislation enacted in 1946 that addressed the severe shortages of hospital beds in underserved areas, particularly the rural South. The passage of this act encouraged local citizens in the Collins Rotary Club and Collins Jaycees, spearheaded by Dr. Charles P. Crenshaw, to make healthcare more accessible to the area. Working with the federal and state government to address the cost, the group appealed to the Covington County Board of Supervisors for a bond issue to pay for the planned 25-bed hospital with an estimated cost set of $200,000. On February 4, 1949, the Board of Supervisors approved blueprints and architectural plans drawn by architect Chris Richer of Landry and Matthes Architectural Firm in Hattiesburg. These architectural plans were placed on file in the Chancery Clerk’s office on August 1, 1949.

Members of the Covington County Board of Supervisors in 1950 were Malcolm Napier (president), Sam Napier, Bill Herran, Lawrence Little, and Rozzie McQueen. On October 13, 1950, the Board named a five-man Board of Trustees “to have charge of the management and operation of the Covington County Hospital.”

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