Swing Bed Program

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  • Covington County Hospital’s Swing Bed Program, also known as Skilled Nursing Care, caters to individuals requiring extended inpatient care for physical healing or strengthening beyond acute hospitalization. Utilizing specially designated hospital beds, the program supports patients no longer in need of critical care but requiring skilled nursing or therapy for a comprehensive recovery.

    Our primary goal is to maximize patient recovery before discharge, ensuring individualized care plans. The discharge planning staff assists those needing further care or equipment post-discharge, facilitating access to tailored resources.

    Admission to the Swing Bed program follows a minimum three-night stay as an acute care patient. For details, contact 601-698-0130 or 601-698-0132, or have your hospital case manager or social worker fax a referral to 601-698-0306.

    Covington County Hospital’s Swing Bed Program, staffed by dedicated professionals, offers a range of services including respiratory therapy, discharge planning, occupational therapy, individualized dietary planning by a registered dietitian, speech therapy, and activities programming. Our team, comprising licensed medical providers, Chief Patient Care Officer, Director of Quality, administrative assistants, and specialized care staff, holds essential licenses and certifications such as RN, LPN, Certified Nurse Aide, BLS, ACLS, and TB testing.

    Committed to reaching and maintaining maximum rehabilitation potential for each patient, Covington County Hospital’s Swing Bed Program provides comprehensive, individualized care to support optimal recovery.

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