CareChex® Ranks CCH #1 in Patient Safety/Medical Care

CareChex Patient Safety and Overall Hospital Medical Care Awards

CCH Ranked #1 in the Market for Patient Safety in Overall Hospital Care and Overall Medical Care

Exciting news from Collins, Mississippi, as Covington County Hospital has been recognized as the top-performing hospital in the market for patient safety! With its outstanding performance in Overall Hospital Care and Overall Medical Care, Covington County Hospital has secured the coveted number one spot in the market for the 2024 Quality Awards by CareChex®. This recognition is a testament to the hospital’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality care to its patients.

So, what makes Covington County Hospital stand out? Well, it’s all thanks to the cutting-edge technology and the dedicated team of healthcare professionals who work day in and day out to ensure that patients receive the very best care. The CareChex® Awards by Quantros – a peer-reviewed, risk-adjusted quality scoring system – takes into account all the risk factors relating to a patient’s principal and secondary diagnosis, as well as other patient characteristics that may increase the probability of adverse clinical outcomes.

Through its objective calculation of hospital and system quality performance, CareChex® has recognized Covington County Hospital as a leader in Patient Safety across 39 clinical categories of care. And the best part? These rankings do not include any self-reported data, ensuring that the results are accurate and reliable.

Covington County Hospital CEO Gregg Gibbes expressed his excitement at receiving this recognition, saying, “Our folks are some of the best you will find. Our community believes in our hospital, and patients come here from all over because of Covington’s strong reputation. This recognition belongs to those who take care of our patients, from the clinical team to the support staff. They show up every day to do one thing: serve someone else.”

“Our pride knows no bounds as we are recognized for our unwavering commitment to safety and quality care. Our onboarding process and annual training sessions ensure that every employee is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to uphold patient safety and deliver top-notch care. As the Director of Quality and Safety for Covington County Hospital, I can confidently say that our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and care for our patients.” said Kathe Bryant, RN, BSN, CHSP, CHEP.

Covington County Hospital Chief Patient Care Officer Lynn Scott, RN, said, “The employees of Covington County Hospital take great pride in providing excellent patient care. It is an honor to care for the patients of Covington County Hospital, and this recognition is a direct result of our staff’s hard work and dedication.”

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