Covington County Hospital and CEO Gregg Gibbes Receive CARES Award

Pictured (l to r) Peggy Weary, Covington County Boys & Girls Club Executive Director; Oby Rogers, board member; Karen Sanford, CCH marketing coordinator; Mary Thornton, board member.

Covington County Hospital and CEO Gregg Gibbes received the CARE (Children Are Reasons for Excellence) Award on August 24 at the Boys & Girls Club Area Council Leadership Meeting held at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Karen Sanford, CCH Marketing Coordinator, attended the awards ceremony, accepting the award on behalf of the hospital.

Peggy Weary, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Covington County, submitted the nomination with the following praise for the hospital’s support:

“The Boys & Girls Club of Covington County believes that Covington Hospital is the best choice for this award because of their continuous support of the club. Their support consists of program activities and contributions. They have impacted the club by volunteering to teach our club members programs, such as healthy eating, physical health, and mental wellness. They also provide CPR training for the club’s staff. This partnership with educating our members and staff with these programs has been a great success. Not only have they supported the clubs by educating, but they have also pioneered by providing financial and in-kind donations. They have donated t-shirts to the club for summer programs and other activities throughout the year. Their partnership with the club has allowed us to meet the needs of the community, which enhances our brand in the community. Covington County Hospital is not just a hospital; they are the heartbeat of the community.”

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